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Centurion Companies is a real estate services and private equity investment firm operating in the area of Wichita, Kansas. By offering a complete suite of real estate services such as brokerage, development, management, and investment, we ensure that we are a categorical solution to your real estate needs. In addition to our dealings in the real estate sector, we are also equipped to handle equity investments and dispositions dealing with private business operations. Whether you would like to raise capital or invest in local business, look to us to spearhead your initiatives.

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Our team has strong backgrounds in brokerage, development, finance, and management. What does this mean for you? We are able to look at any transaction through a multitude of lenses to understand its complexities. This multi-spectrum analyzation ensures that maximum efficiency is achieved on your behalf. We strive to create long term investment relationships, which regardless of specifics, point to the direction of growing your wealth.

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